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24th May 2022 

What is Couple Counselling?

Couple counselling is for anyone who is having difficulties in their relationship.
A safe setting is provided for couples to discuss the way they feel and behave towards one another and to look at how their difficulties have arisen. The focus is on the relationship between the couple.

Past histories and current stresses can all play a part in undermining communication and creating conflict.

The aim of couple counselling is to increase understanding of underlying problems affecting the relationship, to enable the couple to find new ways of dealing with those problems and to offer support in making those changes.

Counselling can help

Counselling can help people with a wide range of relationship difficulties, including:

  • Communication breakdown
  • Conflict
  • Parenting
  • Separation
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual problems
  • Illness
  • Vulnerability/dependency
  • Depression/anxiety